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Amazon PPC Advertising Guide 2023

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Amazon PPC Advertising is a powerful way to boost your product visibility and sales on Amazon. By bidding on relevant keywords, you can ensure that your products are seen by more potential customers when they search for those terms.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon Vendor Central is a modern cloud-based inventory management system that allows third-party retailers to display and sell their products on Amazon’s platform with ease. Unlike other selling options, vendors using Vendor Central do not handle the physical storage and shipping of their products. Instead, Amazon takes on the responsibility of storing and shipping the inventory.

Amazon PPC is Amazon’s advertising platform. This platform allows sellers to pay Amazon to show their advertisements when users enter specific search items. Here Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising means that you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. When a customer clicks on an Amazon ad, Amazon charges a small fee to the seller, the

When you search for a specific product on Amazon, the majority of the results you see are PPC advertisements with very few organic search results. Amazon sellers or brands purchase ads for specific keywords and display their sponsored products as sponsored ads at the top of Amazon’s search results. This makes you stand out from the crowd while keeping your costs down. The Amazon PPC also helps you get started with a new product launch if you do not have any previous sales or reviews.

Why are Amazon PPC Advertising Services Important?

Amazon registers more than 18 orders per second, 66000 orders per day, and thus, sends out about 1.6 million packages every day. Amazon has over 200 million Prime subscribers and it receives over 2 billion website visits per month. This represents the incredible impact that Amazon has had. There are so many products and sellers on Amazon. The buyers have already arrived and are looking. All you have to do is figure out how to get your goods in front of them.

1. Utilizing Amazon PPC advertising services is a great way to promote your products and maintain a good position in the market.

2. It is a great tool for improving your product ranking because the sponsored ads take up more space on the search engine results.

3. Amazon PPC advertising services will help you increase traffic to your product page.

4. By investing in an effective Amazon PPC strategy, you can simply tap into the extremely large buying potential of Amazon customers.

Types of Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC Ads are classified into three categories.

1. Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads are the most widely used PPC ad format and the most adaptable PPC ad choice available on Amazon. Almost 66% of third-party sellers most frequently use this type of Amazon PPC ad. These types of ads can closely resemble organic listings when they appear in search results and product listing pages.

2. Sponsored Display Ads

In sponsored display ads sellers can target specific customers who have visited their product detail pages. These ads target customers’ shopping habits. Then, both on and off its website or app, amazon shows product ads to customers who are likely to be interested in purchasing them. This type of ad may appear on Amazon’s affiliate websites such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and even mobile apps.

3. Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand ads are formerly known as “Headline search ads”. These types of ads let sellers promote multiple products at once and draw customers in with more eye-catching graphics. With this type of ad, you can focus on both products and keywords. Customers are directed to a specific landing page or store when they click on one of these ads.

Amazon PPC Advertising Campaign

Different goals of the PPC Advertising Campaign Amazon are:

Awareness: To attract more customers to your products and brands.

Consideration: To keep customers interested as they learn more about your products and make a purchasing decision.

Purchase: The goal is to increase sales.

Loyalty: The objective is to keep your current audience interested so they will buy from you again.

1. Automatic Campaign

In an automatic campaign, you fix your budget and Amazon chooses the keywords for you. The keywords are selected based on the product’s category, product description, competitors’ keywords, etc. These campaigns are the easiest to implement. Automatic campaigns are a good option for new PPC advertisers and sellers.

2. Manual Campaign

In a manual campaign, you get to select the keywords you want to bid on as well as the bid price. Usually experienced people use this campaign who are aware of the keywords they want to target and why. If your keyword strategy falls short, you may lose money.

How to Stop Advertising in Specific ASINs in Amazon PPC?

Go through the following steps on how to stop advertising in specific ASIN in Amazon PPC:

1. Click on “Advertising”.

2. Proceed to “Campaign Manager”.

3. Select the automatic PPC campaign, to which you want to add Negative ASINs.

4. Select “Negative Targeting”.

5. Choose “Negative Product.”

6. Enter the ASIN you want to block.

7. Click on “Add negative product targets”.


Amazon advertising PPC is a great way to get your product in front of buyers on Amazon. The sellers can improve their visibility, develop brand recognition, and increase sales through Amazon PPC. The importance of Amazon PPC advertising and the classification of PPC advertising campaigns are discussed here.

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